Business Analyst Cape Town

If you're looking for a Business Analyst in Cape Town, I can help you. Or I can assist you virtually if your business is based in another city or country.

What can a Business Analyst do for your company?

Business Analysts work in many areas of specialisation to help companies improve processes and efficiency, build and customise software and solve the many business problems we face in a rapidly changing world. We help you think about your company, your strategy, your people and how it all fits together. 

What Business Analysis services do we offer?

  • Business Case Development
    If you're looking for funding for a new project or company or looking to expand, you'll need a proper business case, a decent document that sells the value proposition to the right audience.
  • Business Process Modelling
    Do you understand all your business processes? Are they mapped out? Are they efficient? Business process models make sense of systems, company structures and your key actions that make your business work.

  • Requirements Gathering
    Do you really understand what you want to do? To build? To achieve. Has it been clearly articulated? A business analyst
    knows the techniques and has the skills to get the right information from the right people and document it in a way that key stakeholders will understand.

  • Business Requirements Documents
    It can be a highly structured and detailed Word document, a 10 slide presentation, a persuasive Executive Summary or an Enterprise Relationship Diagram. Everyone is short on time, so producing the right collateral to talk to your audience is crucial to your communication.
  • Software Solution Design
    Building software is an expensive and time consuming process. Getting the solution design right can make or break the final product. Tried and trusted business analysis techniques will ensure all the bases are covered as you navigate your software development journey.
  • User Story development
    User stories describe the features of your software system from the end user's perspective. Developing good user stories and use cases during the development process eliminates ambivalence that might lead to  confusion about requirements and time wasting.

  • Data Analysis
    Deriving meaning from your data can be a time consuming and difficult process if its approached in the wrong way. Analysis can yield answers to structural problems, relationships, data integrity and quality that will allow your business to make the right decisions about systems, reporting and front end views.

  • Software Testing Management
    Ensuring the quality of the final product is the end game of all your hard work. How the software testing process is structured and managed will make a big difference to your timelines, and most importantly, the end user experience.

Other Business Analysis services offered include Brainstorming Sessions, Root Cause Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Surveys and Questionnaires, State Modelling, Vendor Assessment and RFPs, Risk Assessments, Prototyping and more...

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